Birthday w/Fifi

Fifi’s Birthday was actually in December — but she is a well-known and well-loved presence on this blog, and so I can’t justify going any further without relating the tale of her fabulous birthday bash. I like to think of it in two parts, as Fifi’s Birthday: The Fabulous, and Fifi’s Birthday: The Frightening. We’ll start with The Fabulous, which, fortunately — or unfortunately? depending on how you look at it — brought the evening to a close with cocktails at the Flatiron Lounge.

Oh-so-chic on W 19th Street (between 5th & 6th Avenues), with a lively crowd and dim lighting, the Flatiron Lounge was a fantastic choice for post-dinner ‘tails. I say this because, actually, half of our party departed post-dinner — otherwise there wouldn’t have been space for all 16 (or so) of us to cram into the corner booth. As it was, the Lounge was so fabulous that it was packed to the brim, and it was rather impossible to get a drink at the bar — and I can always weasel in and get a drink at the bar.

Failing to grab my cocktail at the bar, I sought out and befriended the cocktail waitress, who not only brought us our beverages in a relatively timely manner, but was also kind enough to snap a photo or two of our little party. Granted the photo didn’t turn out so well, but you have to hand it to the girl, working the late shift in 3-inch heels and managing to keep a smile on her face? Needless to say we tipped her well before traipsing out to Union Square to grab a cab. (We absolutely did not have a late-night run-in at McDonald’s prior to said cab grabbing)

Stay tuned tomorrow for Fifi’s Birthday: The Frightening!

Group Photo borrowed with permission from Fifi’s Facebook page, taken by Himay.
All other photos snapped by the StolenSays Camera.

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