Hunter Boots

Winter is technically here. I know — the mounds of snow on the ground make that a redundant statement. Ha! Well. In any case, it is here, and someday soon (?) the sky will open up and dump buckets of heavy white clumps of snow that will look amazing and beautiful for a hot second before turning into a brown slushy mire that’s absolutely atrocious to trudge thru en route to the office. If you live in, say, Eastern Oregon you have a car and the county is prepared with snowplows to clear the roads. The most you’ll have to do is skip a few feet from house to warming car, and then across the (hopefully) cleared parking lot to your office. Manhattan, however, is a completely different story. Public transport becomes wet, overcrowded, and cumbersome. Cabs struggle with the suddenly accumulated slush, and pedestrians do their best to navigate around the bogs that form at every corner due to a backed up storm drain. If you are a shoe fanatic like, ehrm, some silly bloggers I know (moi), you know that not only is the slush bound to soak your cashmere socks but the salt in the streets will reduce your leather-soled oxfords to something resembling beef jerky. So. How do we deal? With a pair of Hunter Boots. Keeps your feet dry, and, with proper socks, warm as well. You should have the foresight to leave a pair of those oxfords at the office to change into, of course — chic tho’ they may be, wellies may give the wrong impression at your quarterly review. In any case, I picked up my first ever pair of Hunter Boots at Bloomingdale’s a few weeks ago, and I highly recommend you do the same. Just be sure you write your info on the inside label they’ve printed for identification — black Hunter Boots all look the same in the mudroom.

This post and the idea behind it partially inspired by LibertyLondonGirl, as she is also a fan of the Hunter Boots, and wrote about them here. She was featured in a print ad for them too, which she wrote about here.

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