Alexandre + Robert

Breaking up is hard to do. Whether you’re the one breaking it off or the one getting broken up with — it’s not an easy thing for either party. This is on my mind because it happened to me a few weeks ago. I take a little more time than most (I think) to come to terms with the severance and move on, but luckily, after a week or so of wallowing and listening to Lana Del Rey’s newly-released Born To Die, Camden — the BFF from high school — came up from DC for a quick weekend visit. I hadn’t seen Camden since he and his boo tied the knot in fall of 2010, so that weekend made for an epic reunion. It happened to be the in the midst of New York Fashion Week, so we started the weekend off with a surprise invite to the Alexandre Plokhov show. Tix were courtesy of the Bach, a fabulously gifted senior at Parsons School of Design – keep your eye out because there will be more about him in posts to come.

The Alexandre Plokhov Fall 2012 Menswear Collection was monochromatic, and appropriately fashion forward. I know, I know — could I make a broader generalization?! Probably not, but I have no appropriate examples to show, so any other critique I have is pretty much moot. I will say that the collection displayed a darker, more troubled side of masculinity with stark draping and severe tailoring. A glimpse of the show, below, and a more in-depth review (and the full collection) over at

After the show and a sip or two of some sugary tequila-d something or other that Camden generously procured for me while I was in the men’s room, Bach, Camden and I headed uptown to Robert @ MAD. Robert is a chic lounge on top of the Museum of Art & Design. Pink, orange, and lucite are three vivid recollections that come to mind, though the fauna that accessorized each table softened the visual barrage. I make it sound like a screaming nightmare, but it’s actually quite gorgeous. The view from the windows is absolutely breathtaking, as well — even better by day, I would imagine, though LibertyLondonGirl gives a better testament to that end. In any case, it was a fantastic place to share a bottle of prosecco and discuss all things fashion.

Check back later this week for more of the antics that Camden and I got up to while he was here! xx

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2 Responses to Alexandre + Robert

  1. Thank you very much for the link – and the mention! I’m always surprised that more people don’t go to MAD…LLGxx

    • StolenSays says:

      Of course! I’m a big fan. Have to admit, I haven’t actually been to the museum portion yet either – one of these days, though, I’ll take advantage of my roomie’s museum affiliate discount and make a more planned trip back.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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