Rhea Kulcsar Collections

If you are a twenty-something (or thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety-something) living in New York City, chances are you know at least one person who works in the fashion industry. Chances are you’ll be invited to a party celebrating the achievements of said person — and fashion is one industry that really loves to throw a party. The exciting thing about fashion parties, aside from the free booze, is celebrating a friend’s success and realizing that in New York, with the right attitude and the right publicist, dreams do come true. So Saturday night, after two days of being bedridden with an unfortunately surprising stomach bug, I pulled myself together and schlepped myself down to Dacia Gallery on the Lower East Side for the 2nd annual gallery party for Rhea Kulcsar, a New York jewelry designer who captures the essence of our urban jungle in her line. All of her materials are sourced and assembled locally, custom-made to fit each individual consumer. You can see some of her pieces here.

Dacia Gallery, run by the charming Lee Vasu, pushes to encourage contemporary emerging and established artists by hosting such parties as the one for Rhea at which the artists are always present, and give a little personal insight into their artwork and the exhibition. Rhea had a grand turnout Saturday night — we’re so proud of her! — so much so that we paid our respects and took our leave of the quickly filled little gallery, making a pit-stop at The Sixth Ward before heading to the after-party at the Smyth Hotel.

Part of the Thompson Hotels chain, the Smyth is a chic presence in TriBeCa, and proved to be a fun crowd, with a great DJ and dancing in the lower-level lounge. Seeing my check-in on Foursquare, the hotel social media manager asked for feedback on our time spent there. Nothing short of fabulous!, I tweeted back.

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