Stealing Vintage

Something to note about me: I’m the youngest of 4, my eldest sister and I being separated by 18 years. The perks, for my sisters, was having live “dolls” (if you will) to dress up and pose and take fun photos of. Case in point, the following photo of my brother (2 years my senior) at about age 6 styled in the height of 80s trend.

The perk for my parents was that they got their moneys worth out of any clothing they bought for my brother, as it would inevitably get handed down to me once he’d outgrown it. The fallout of this resulted in little room for my own individual style to emerge until high school when I had a job and could go shopping for my own baggy jeans (as it were). Now, though, the leather-soled wingtip is on the other foot, as my sister’s are grown and married to handsome men who have acquired various items that I can now reclaim and revive in all their vintage glory. Like the two blazers pictured below — one made in France, the other Union-made in the USA, both are high quality wool, navy blue, and beautiful. The YSL 2-button lends itself to a classic look while the double-breasted Pierre Cardin adds a little flair. Not bad finds, eh? Kind of makes being a tiny model for my sisters seem worth it. *wink*

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2 Responses to Stealing Vintage

  1. blubird607 says:

    omg your brother!! so cute!!!!!!

  2. Am says:

    The woos of being the youngest and always getting the hand-me-downs! It seems it was well worth it, if not for the clothes, the amazing photo(s)–I am assuming there are more–of you and your brother ;)!

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