OxHeart Letter Red Event

I’m not such a fan of Brooklyn, Willie texted me. Willie had been to Brooklyn one other time, a couple of weeks prior, for some art show opening. As it turned out, it was in the same vicinity as the OxHeart Letter Red Event — The Gowanus Ballroom, at 55 Ninth St, Building 61 (or as Willie called it, some warehouse in South Brooklyn). Nevertheless I convinced Willie to attend with me, and we enjoyed a few hours of culture absorption (and a little vodka absorption, to ease the pain of the trek).
The Gowanus Ballroom — 12,000 sq. ft. of art, architecture, and engineering was host to an eclectic exhibit of widely varied art, from bronze life-size stallions to canvas photo-prints representing New York City. Other points of draw were the aerialist, spinning high above the crowd (not so high to begin with, but trust, she took it to different heights), and the fire breather who literally lit himself on fire.
OxHeart is a community-based collaboration of artists of all kinds, founded by Bryn Larson with the mission of providing a space for emerging artists to exhibit their work and gain exposure.

Thanks to OxHeart for hosting the event, and inviting me to join the experience!

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