Parsons End of Year Fashion Exhibition

This event took place back in May — but I couldn’t not post about this event.

One of the things about living in New York City is that you cannot escape fashion. I view it as a great thing – which is why working for a company that publishes fashion textbooks is so rewarding. We’re helping mold the designers of tomorrow! Also rewarding is getting to attend the Parsons End of Year Fashion Exhibition, which showcases their top students’ work. Aly & I went to show our support, and to see some of the creations. My friend, and talented upcoming designer, Bach Mai had a piece on display as well — the fabulous mint overdress with the orange train. Bach also had another piece displayed in the window at Sak’s! I’m so proud of him. The guy is definitely going places.

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2 Responses to Parsons End of Year Fashion Exhibition

  1. Beibei Wu says:

    WOW! Love these picts – especially love the full-length gown!

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