Summer Friday Outfit v.2

Last night I was relaxing in front of the a/c, calming my mind and cooling myself, and browsing movies on iTunes for possible rental. I had just clicked to watch the preview for Coming to America (a film Allison still can’t believe I’ve never seen) when my life supply was cut off. The lights went out, the a/c quit, and the little glowing light that connected to my Macbook quit glowing. Suddenly, I was no longer relaxing in a the cool comfort of my home, I was sweating in a volatile jungle of darkness.

I slithered downstairs to see if my landlord’s power was also out, and found him out on the front stoop watching a Con Edison bucket truck. Apparently, Con Edison had come to fix something and knocked out the power on the entire block. It only lasted about 20 minutes (thank god) but it was enough to inspire the coolest and breeziest of outfits for this summer Friday.

Linen shorts, and my white snowflake-print button up with shell buttons — and my Kenneth Cole babiessandals, that I just had fixed! Made me so happy to be able to take them for a spin again. They were out of commission last summer due to a slipped toe-strap. A day at the Arnold Shoe Repair saw them good as new, and they’re back in action for the rest of the season!

What are your go-to summer pieces? Footwear?
Happy Friday (and happy pride weekend)!!

Linen shorts-Kenneth Cole
Shirt-Ratan Jaipur
Sandals-Kenneth Cole

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One Response to Summer Friday Outfit v.2

  1. Lindsay says:

    John, you’re the cutest.

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