Brunch in Brooklyn

So — Brooklyn. As much of a mystery as that borough is to me (still), I do occasionally find myself trekking out there for one reason or another. A couple of weeks ago it was for the OxHeart Letter Red Event. Then, this past Saturday, it was for one of my favorite pastimes. Brunch!

Brunch in Brooklyn. Kind of has a catchy ring to it, right? Plus, Jeffrey has come out to my neck of the woods plenty of times for brunch, so I sort of owed him this trip. Every time I go to a part of Brooklyn that I’ve never visited before, I am generally surprised at how not awful it is. Just look at how pleasant Jeffrey’s street is, lined with townhouses, lions, and flowers.

And the view from his balcony! Not too shabby either.

Jeffrey, ever the planner, had the whole afternoon lined up. We strolled a few blocks over and picked up brunch from Choice, an adorably crunchy (as in granola, earthy, hippy, etc.) little cafe.

A delicious spinach & goat cheese omelet with a gigantic side salad substituted for the usual home fries, whole-wheat toast, and a side of bacon about concluded our little meal. (Jeffrey also ordered steel cut oatmeal — which would have been incredible, I’m sure, had they not forgotten to actually give it to him.)

A mimosa, and a lovely afternoon breeze made this one of the best brunches I’ve had in awhile.

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