Summer Friday Outfit v.3

Happy Friday! I know we’re all looking fwd to the holiday next week — safe travels to everyone, if you’re taking time off and…traveling. It is kind of a pain that the holiday lands right dead center of the week, completely thwarting any arguments for a legitimate long weekend, but I know that some of you will make do.

I am actually traveling as well. Just a quick weekend trip to Boston to visit AM and see Pookie perform in the NEC’s Opera Studio Production, but nevertheless, my travel plans inspire/heavily influence my attire this Summer Friday.

It’s pretty much my uniform. Black, v-neck tee, jean shorts, and that controversial summer scarf that I love so so much. I say “controversial” because Pookie is not the biggest fan, and Jeffrey thinks it’s silly — but then he went and took this photo of me on his balcony and, sure, it’s a bit silly, but it’s a bit of summer glam, too.

Arguably the most important thing about this outfit is that it’s comfortable, which is a must when traveling. I’m not saying I’d sacrifice cute for comfort — looking (or feeling) like I rolled out of bed and threw on some sweatpants (ew) is not my idea of comfort. But you probably won’t catch me in a three-piece complete w/pocket square and spats, either.

How do you travel? Do you dress up, dress down, dress at all?

V-neck Tee-Kenneth Cole
Jeans-Kenneth Cole (Self-altered)
Summer Scarf-H&M
Black Suede Flip-flops(not pictured)-Kenneth Cole*

*(Apparently today I’m a Kenneth Cole mannequin…)

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