A New York Wedding

When you reach a certain age, it may begin to seem that — if you yourself have not already done so — everyone around you is getting married. I have a theory that this age is slightly higher in new york city than the rest of the…world. Granted my graduating high school class had only 18 students but I’m still one of maybe 3 who aren’t married (with children, no less). Maybe it’s because the dating scene provides so many options here, or maybe it’s just that most are more career-focused. Whatever the reason, I’d wager the average age of a newly married couple in new york city is somewhere upward of thirty. Which I think is fabulous — you have time to date seriously, and not so seriously, and really find someone you know in your heart of hearts you can love and grow with. If you find it sooner, great. I only know that I have dated a lot and still not found that one who is right.

Enough about me. once you *do* find the one, you can start planning your wedding. It is no easy feat, and, after all of the weddings I have been to and been asked for advice on, it’s no wonder the mainstream media makes films about the “monster brides” who make every wedding planner’s life a living hell.

However. I recently attended a wedding about which I had had several fairly in-depth discussions over drinks and cubicle walls (not at the same time, of course). it was probably the most gorgeous wedding I have ever been to. And M is no monster bride – she absolutely agonized over every detail but her main concern was that her guests had a fantastic time.

The wedding was held at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. A bit of a hike for sure, but M had a bus to take guests from the Dream Hotel in the Meatpacking district all the way up to the gardens. As any New York Summer day, it was humid, but perfectly appropriate as the Rabbi pointed out – “Melanie, being from Florida, wanted to get married there. David, being from New York, wanted to get married here. They finally compromised, and are having a New York wedding with the Miami heat.” Very cute.

Some images from the special day:

Weddings are always so heartwarming — and I’ll jump at any chance to wear patent leather shoes.

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