Lessons in Feng Shui

Manhattan Mini Storage is running an ad right now that says We doubt NYC’s Biggest Problem is Large Sodas. A direct response to Bloomberg’s recent attempt to force healthy habits on New Yorkers by limiting the size of beverages served in fast food establishments, obviously, but also speaking to an issue that most New Yorkers deal with on a daily basis — limited space. If the art of feng shui was invented in the Far East, it was perfected in this east coast city, where three people sharing a studio apartment is not unheard of.

Fortunately I share a two-bedroom apartment with one roommate. I consider myself lucky. My own bedroom does not have a closet (arguably not being a “real” bedroom), so I make do with a garment rack and a dresser. My first garment rack was purchase at The Container Store for about $15. It was a steal, to be sure, but only because it was previously owned and slightly damaged. Being the resourceful, thrifty guy that I am, I bought it thinking I could fix it with a few bobby pins and some tape. And I did. And it worked — for awhile. After a couple of years, it eventually looked irreparably like this:

It was time for a replacement. So I went to ContainerStore.com on my lunch break one day and selected an upgraded version of my current garment rack. This beauty:

Which starts like this:

And unfolds and pieces together into a beautiful, shining beacon of functionality. See how amazing my wardrobe looks now?

I also purchased this overdoor rack, so my little desk chair would no longer be burdened by my oodles of tote bags.

Whew! Feng shui-ing your world in NYC is no joke, but it’s well worth the extra time spent. How do you organize your space?

Images not emblazoned with the StolenSays logo are courtesy of ContainerStore.com.

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