Public Brunch

I have, on occasion, been accused of being a brunchaholic. Jeffrey once asked what I was doing this weekend and when I told him I had a couple of brunches lined up he said You brunch more than anyone I know…

I don’t think this is actually true. After all I can’t be the only one eating a meal between 11am and 4pm on the weekend. But perhaps I verbalize it more than most. I suppose that if, while I am stepping out to Barbounia, my mother calls from the West Coast to proudly announce that she is also going to brunch it probably means that I talk about it enough to make it seem like a staple of a fabulous lifestyle. It’s not, really — but it is a staple of my life. When else is it completely acceptable if not required to have cocktails, eggs, and steak all in one sitting? A friend was once floored when I stated that lunch doesn’t really exist on weekends, but it makes perfect sense to me.

Regardless of how often or little I brunch, I refuse to be alone in my love of this meal. Which is why I coerced Jeffrey to meet me at 1:30pm (prime brunch time) last Saturday for some Turkish Eggs and an apricot bourbon tea at Public.

Public is one of my favorite places to brunch. Elizabeth Street (between Spring and Prince) is a bit of a hike for me, but it’s a calming little stroll from the subway through NoLita, and what’s waiting when I arrive at the former bakery (now styled in library fashion) is always worth the extra block or two. The first time I went to Public I saw Turkish Eggs on the menu and immediately thought of Barbounia, where the savory dish comes to you in a skillet and spends very little time there before disappearing into your stomach (and by “your” I definitely mean “my”). Small chance that these will come close to Barbounia’s, but I do like to have some kind of comparison, I thought, and ordered them along with a bloody mary.

Little did I know.

Poached, served surrounded by cream and spices and oil in a pristine white bowl with a side of thick-cut toast, the Turkish Eggs at Public are heavenly — no — devastatingly sinful. Amazing. So naturally I ordered them again this weekend when Jeffrey and I went. My cocktail of choice this time balanced the afternoon nicely with a refreshing blend of sweet apricot tea and savory bourbon.

Now remember? Post-brunch wandering is mandatory — stay tuned for Jeffrey’s and my adventures after Public.

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2 Responses to Public Brunch

  1. tito travels says:

    One can never brunch too much

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