Bar 89

Post-brunch wandering. Maybe not necessary but certainly pleasant, especially on a Saturday afternoon with a slight buzz from your brunch cocktail of choice. I told you to stay tuned for the shenanigans Jeffrey and I got up to after our brunch at Public — good things come to those who wait!

I had a launch party to attend later that evening, so I tucked a more appropriate shirt in my tote bag, hoping to find a cleaners in SoHo that would press it for me at the last minute. Sometimes a guy gets lucky. I didn’t, but Jeffrey and I hit the jackpot when we popped in to Bar 89 for some post-brunch beverages. All that wandering makes a kid thirsty!

Seemingly tiny from the streetfront, Bar 89 utilizes vaulted ceilings and skylights to impose a spacious atmosphere of ease. Jeffrey and I took our seat at the far end of the curved bar to indulge in a caipirinha or two. Halfway through my first, I noticed a glamorous drink in a martini glass being garnished a beautiful flower, and had to ask. That? Don’t worry about that, the bartender replied. Then he dropped another flower into my drink, and made sure to add a fresh garnish to caipirinha #2. And continued to humor our many queries and requests — plugging my phone in behind the bar, re-filling Jeffrey’s beverage with more ice — in a mildly rogue-ish manner. Nice touch, that. I like my bartenders a little rough (Oh my!).

More shenanigans, in a minute.

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