Stolen Style: Belts

The other day you may have seen me, via Twitter, bouncing all over midtown East, indulging in a little retail therapy. I don’t usually splurge on things – my current salary is not so great that I can shop whenever I please, but this had been one of those Mondays on which Murphy’s Rule is law and there were a few items I’d been needing to pick up for some time. One of these items was a belt. My criteria was fairly straightforward: classic, business appropriate, and available in black and brown (for footwear flexibility).

My last belt purchase was about a year ago. It was an exact replacement of the Kenneth Cole, reversible belt I was wearing at the time – and actually I had completely worn it out. I thought myself lucky to have found the exact same belt at the Grand Central Terminal location on my lunch break, and even luckier that it was on sale for $15 (down from $59, I believe). This belt was loyal and true to the very end, but had one great flaw: one of the screws that held the reversible buckle in place kept coming loose. This only happened when I wore it with brown shoes – probably because the screws were exposed and facing the world instead of facing the cotton material of whatever pants or jeans I happened to be wearing at the moment. It was certainly easy enough to screw it back in, but I remembered that I had a similar issue with its predecessor, and decided to look for an alternative this time.

So. In an attempt to relieve some of that Monday stress I flitted in and out of several stores along Lexington Avenue. Kenneth Cole did not have my size. The GAP’s selection was too casual. But Banana Republic (which I thought might be too expensive) had the absolute perfect item. Sleek, thin, polished, and not a screw in sight, loose or otherwise, it only set me back $59.00.

Coming soon: a Bumble & Bumble-ing revelation.

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