Stolen Beauty: Bumble&bumble

If you follow me on Twitter you have probably seen me lamenting about my hair product running low, and running up to the Bumble&Bumble salon on 56th Street to get a replacement tube. This happens every 5 months or so – for this reason I choose to splurge on a good hair product. $30 can seem like a lot for a little tube of grooming crème, but if you only spend that twice a year and the product works better than any other, it’s not a bad investment.

To date, I have not been spending so much on other hair and beauty products. My daily shampoo and conditioner has been Garnier Fructis for normal hair since I was about sixteen. It was inexpensive (about $10 for the set), and my hair felt and looked healthy and full. Recently, though, Garnier has altered their formula. I opened a new bottle of shampoo and was smacked in the nose with a whiff that reeked of alcohol and made my eyes water. Perhaps it was a bad batch – perhaps they overcompensated in an attempt to validate the inclusion of grapefruit extract. Paired with the new Neutrogena “invigorating” face wash, I had just substituted due to the discontinuing of my usual Neutrogena face wash, my daily morning ritual had become a little more alcoholic than I would have liked. After about a week dealing with overly dry hair and face, I had had enough. It was time to make a change.

Since I was going to Bumble&bumble for another tube of grooming crème anyway, I thought I would check out their other products. The specialist at the counter was very helpful, asking about my hair and pointing out a couple of options that might work well with my hair type, even offering me a few samples. I gladly took the samples but decided to purchase the Thickening Shampoo and accompanying Conditioner to save me another trip in the event that I really loved it. As luck (and the careful engineers at Bumble&bumble) would have it, the Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner were brilliant. I noticed an immediate difference in the way my hair felt. No longer dry and brittle and thin, as it was with the new Garnier formula – it is now thick and lush and has a healthy volume.

Bumble&bumble to the rescue! Garnier has been banished to the rack of shame, with all other useless bath products kept only for dire emergencies.

Next up: How I solved my harsh face wash problem.

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