Stolen Beauty: Facetime

So my morning shower experience had become slightly alcoholic. My shampoo and conditioner reeked of it, as did my Neutrogena “invigorating” face wash. As I finally tweeted in frustration, I like my beverages alcoholic, not my beauty products. They say you should give your skin 6 months to adjust to a new product like face wash or moisturizer. Neutrogena had apparently discontinued my usual face wash which was gentle but effectively cleansing, and was odor and colorless. I don’t like to exfoliate every day because that causes my face to rebel – usually by breaking out – so I did not opt for the exfoliating face wash that was one of the two options Neutrogena was providing. I chose what seemed to be the gentler of the two, even though it was marketed as “invigorating”, and was, well, blue. Uncomfortable as I was with putting anything so chemically altered that it came out of the factory in an unnaturally neon hue, I thought I would implement some brand loyalty and stick with a Neutrogena product, since it had served me so well in the past.
As it turned out, brand loyalty is something to be earned, and Neutrogena had not done its legwork. I don’t need to smell my flesh burning off to feel clean – I just need to feel clean. This, paired with my previous alcoholic hair product left me dry and exasperated. Once I got my hair situation under control, it was time to search for a better facial product. I thought I would try Kiehl’s, since it’s gotten numerous rave reviews and so many beauty magazines – both men’s and women’s – swear by it. Before I got down to Bloomingdale’s beauty section, however, Aly suggested that I try a more natural alternative to the generally chemical and man-made varieties to be found in the store – baking soda.

It may seem a little hippie-dippie but I’ve been using it for the past week and my face has never felt better! If you think about it, baking soda as face wash makes total sense. It can seem a little rough, but it gently exfoliates without causing irritation. By nature it also absorbs toxins – which is why it is commonly used as a remedy for bee stings. It is an active ingredient in toothpaste and many other products with cleansing properties and uses, and it is totally 100% natural. Obviously you can’t keep it in the shower in its box – I store it in a jar with a screw-on lid to keep it dry until I’m ready to use it.

And my Neutrogena has been relegated to the Rack of Shame with other useless bath products, kept only for dire emergencies.

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