Stolen Style: Swimwear

When you are single in New York City, the world is your oyster. The downside is, you can’t count on your significant other to surprise you with a gift on some random occasion, just because it’s Thursday, or because the sun is shining unexpectedly. So sometimes you need to get yourself a little gift, just because it’s Thursday, or because you have an upcoming week of vacation at the beach — which I do, so I got myself a little gift.

I realize that the end of summer is on our doorstep even as I write this, but until recently I was still in need of a proper pair of swim trunks. What better time to shop for swimwear than just before vacation? The added bonus of this time of year being, retailers have all of their fall inventory in stock already and summer wear has been reduced drastically in price. So Fifi and I went to Bloomingdale’s one afternoon and shopped for swimwear.

Two-tone, and solids, and plaids — oh my! Yes, I tried on all of these options. Several times. The downside to shopping for swimwear at this time in the season is that aside from being drastically reduced in price, the inventory has also been drastically reduced, so finding my size is often difficult. None of these fit. And when it comes to swimwear, it has to fit perfectly — swim trunks are not forgiving in the slightest.

There was a dashing pair by Paul Smith that I had my eye on, unfortunately available only in size Small and X-Large. I am neither. I managed to find my size on Bloomie’s website, and put it on back order in hopes that it would arrive in time for my getaway. As luck would have it, however, I found myself walking by the Paul Smith boutique on 5th Ave and 16th St this Sunday, and I popped into to have a look-see, just on the off-chance that they might miraculously have my size and style still in stock. And they did! Now I’m all equipped for my week on the beach.

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