Where I’ve Been Gone To

Stolen hasn’t been saying much the last couple of weeks. It’s true, I’ve been on busy, on vacation, busy again – which isn’t to say that’s an excuse, but living out of one’s suitcase for three weeks and a limited amount of space on one’s macbook does make blogging difficult.

I know, you’re thinking poor you, being on vacation for three weeks, boo hoo cry me a f**king river. But you’re going to feel silly in a minute because I haven’t been on vacation this *entire* time. Are you ready?

I was in Myrtle Beach for a fabulous week of sun, sand, and relaxing with a cocktail by the pool. Then I got back and moved into Judy’s in Little Italy for two weeks. It’s sort of like a vacation, except I still have to work and usually by the time I’ve readjusted to the commute route it’s time to pack up and go back to my own humble abode. The San Gennaro festival happening outside on the street was not so conducive to exploring the neighborhood as I often do when I apartment sit, so I spent a lot of time indoors, watching reruns of Gossip Girl and The Big Bang Theory. Then, as soon as I moved back home I threw a few things into a weekend bag and hopped on a bus to Maine to see B before she runs off to France for a year. I’d never been to Maine, so this was a horizon-broadening experience, and it’s always lovely to see B and be around her fabulous family. Spending a relaxing day in the woods, taking a little ride in a rowboat – pretty heavenly.

In any case, here’s a quick look at my last few weeks of travel.

Myrtle Beach

Little Italy


But now I’m back in action in our glittering city, and there is much more to come on a few events I’ve been attending in the last week or so – stay tuned! x

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