Kenneth Cole + Details Store Event

I’ve always been a fan of Kenneth Cole, if only for their clever advertising slogans. I have a copy of Kenneth Cole’s Footnotes, the trade book that gives a history of the brand’s campaigns and ties to political and social issues of the moment. Kenneth Cole, as a brand, also turns out a nice line of apparel and footwear in an affordable price range, so a lot of my closet is filled with the label. Some days – and this, please, stays between you and me – I have to make a conscious effort to not dress in KC from head to toe. Being a mannequin, no matter how cute the clothes, is not so cute.

In any case, Kenneth Cole recently teamed up with Details Magazine and held a styling event last week (9/19/2012) at the 57th & Lex location. Featuring Six-Point Beer and virtual golf, this was a great opportunity to check out some of the new items just in for fall. Bloggers Corey James, Jake Hammel, and Jonathan Valdez were in attendance, as were several other up and coming social-medialites. Beer, golf, sweaters and wingtips – what’s not to love?

A few of my favorite items from this fall’s line:

And some photos of the event:

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One Response to Kenneth Cole + Details Store Event

  1. Lindsay says:

    Looks like you had a blast! I think the burgundy sweater you featured would look smashing on you.


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