Char No. 4

So Fashion Month has come and gone, and for most of it I was blissfully lying on a beach, or apartment sitting, or running off to Maine or Jersey or what have you. And while I was invited by Lindsay to an end of NYFW party, she had been right here in the thick of it all, all f-ing week. Jealous of the girl, a little, except she was so bushed by the end that all she wanted to do was make an appearance at the Rue Magazine launch party before slinking back to Brooklyn to rest her weary, but very pretty head.

So I met her at the Rue party, and, after a few glasses of champagne, was tipsy enough to be talked into dinner and drinks in her hood. To be 100% honest, I was apartment sitting for Judy at the time so my trip “home” from dinner was not quite so daunting. Char No. 4, New American cuisine and whiskey bar. I can’t tell you where exactly it is…(wait, yes I can because there is this fabulous thing – perhaps you’ve heard – Google Maps) but it’s somewhere in Cobble Hill (196 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201), near the G Train. Yes, the G Train. It’s the shortest train ever but it leads to this americana chic place with thick-cut bacon, scallops, and a wide array of whiskeys that I had never heard of. (Except, as L points out, we took the F train. You can take the G if you want, but that’s a rather roundabout way to get…anywhere, really.)

I’m still learning abt whisky. I usually go with Maker’s Mark or Maker’s 46 but my assignment for the evening (as directed by Lindsay in an attempt to broaden my horizons) was to branch out and order one of those whiskeys I’d never heard of. On a suggestion by the bartender I selected an oz. of Rebel Reserve. Smooth, and with a bit more of the smokey flavor from the charred barrels that makes it bourbon, the Rebel Reserve was thoroughly enjoyable, served over a single ice cube. A great precursor to the thick-cut bacon and scallops Lindsay and I noshed on shortly thereafter.

Now, I’ve been promised thick-cut bacon by one too many bacon brand’s marketing team, only to be disappointed when I cook it up (either frying in a pan or baking in the oven) and have it still be as thin and flimsy as the regular stuff. I’ll admit I was more than a little skeptical when L suggested it for one of our shared items. Served with grilled peaches, almonds & black pepper-blueberry sauce, though, I was game to try. Plus, I thought the scallops would be a decent way to make up for my inevitable disappointment with the bacon.

I was not wrong about the scallops – light, citrus-flavored and served chilled – gives them a completely different texture – pretty amazing. Not wrong about those. I was wrong – dead wrong – about the bacon. They don’t play at Char No. 4. They offer you thick-cut bacon and you get 2 slabs of delectably marbled meat, half an inch thick. No f**king joke. Amazing.

I washed the savories down with the Kentucky Royale cocktail (made with bourbon, sparkling wine, cassis and a bit of orange) and then Lindsay walked me back to the G train (no – the F train).

Brooklyn – not so bad after all, it turns out. For more treats from the delightful borough, check out Lindsay’s Guide to Brooklyn. [While you’re clicking about, you should check out Lindsay’s personal blog also – it’s about feeling beautiful which is, truly, a beautiful thing.]

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