Stolen Brunches: Macondo

Sunday Funday – that’s what they call New York’s favorite boozy brunch pastime. Jeffrey, however, likes to mix it up a bit and have his brunchies on Saturday. This may also be a ploy to keep crazy ol’ me from interacting with his normal Sunday brunch crowd, but I have this weird inability to say no to brunch regardless of the day, so I humor Jeffrey and his little preference for Saturday Brunch.

While I was staying in Little Italy I thought I would take advantage of the location and give Jeffrey’s chukkas a little break by meeting him at Macondo, on Houston Street (between Allen and Eldridge). It’s a light, airy venue with your standard mexi-bbq fare. My fried eggs with chorizo were served over polenta to give it a Spanish flavor, but where Macondo really excels is their (unlimited) mimosas. Giving patrons a choice of blackberry, tangerine/mango, or guanabana/elderflower is such a refreshing alternative to the usual (albeit still delicious) OJ & Champagne. It was a perfect way to toast the end of summer and the herald the onset of autumn.

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