Frank and Oak

Fall is here. Or winter, depending on the day. Really, I’m not kidding – in the Tri-State Area this month we’ve seen hurricanes, snow, and 60 degree weather in a ten day span. So how does one dress for such indecisive, inconsistent weather? Worry not, dear friends. Frank & Oak have you covered.

Frank & Oak is an up-and-coming e-tailer presenting style in the format of an online magazine that tailors its editorials specifically for its clients. The style is outdoorsy, a little rough around the edges, and gives its wearers that rustic devil-may-care air with a sense of individual flair.

The merchandise is only available to Frank & Oak’s online members. However, last week, they made a three-day appearance at the Mile End Shop on Crosby Street to showcase their new winter/holiday line from United Tailors, the in-house, higher end brand. Frank & Oak prides itself on providing style for under $50 – the United Tailors brand carries a slightly higher price point, and sources fabrics of a higher quality. Nick and I had both had a long week, and what we needed was to forget the 9-5 grind among the cashmere sweaters, woolen blazers, and plaid, plaid, plaid. So we hopped the 6 train to check out the latest of the lumberjack chic winter wear.

Take a look – and then head over to the and become a member!

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