Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! The menorahs are being lit, and Christmas is just around the corner – staggering amounts of snow scheduled for Boxing Day, no doubt. Growing up I always hoped desperately each year that this time we would have a white Christmas – the kind about which Bing Crosby crooned so charmingly from the record (yes, vinyl record) that my parents put on each winter after Thanksgiving had passed. Now I’m a slightly more seasoned traveler, and highly appreciate the snow waiting until after Christmas to dump all over and cover our glittering city in a slushy mess. But, that being said, it doesn’t really feel like the holidays until I’m standing in front of Bergdorf’s holiday window display, hot cocoa in a red starbucks cup, with my gloves, earmuffs, and a slightly red nose from the nip in the air.

Old traditions, like Stollen Bread, Christmas ornaments, and Bing Crosby fill my thoughts this time of year. New (to me) traditions like Bergdorf’s windows, hot toddies, and the 57th Street Star slip to the top of my To Do List. Holiday Parties fill my calendar, and, inevitably, I find myself spending many hours in the office wrestling my boss’ Outlook through the mail merge process to send out his annual holiday cards. But the long hours seem like nothing when I’m merrymaking at various parties, catching up with old friends and meeting fabulous new friends. It is the most cheery time of the year, despite the short hours of sunlight – I think we all try a little harder to make the cheer happen, and more often than not, we are wildly successful.
But enough nostalgia – it’s also a time when Wish Lists are in abundance! My birthday happens to be shortly after New Year’s, so I get the easy task of making one list each year, and my givers get the easy out of combining Christmas with my birthday. 😉 It works well for both ends, because those who so graciously choose to give have less to buy, and I end up with fewer unnecessary things that I may or may not use.

Hm. This sounds a bit grinchy – I don’t mean to be. I just tend to focus more on experiences with individuals rather than material items – sitting down for a drink with you at Robert and catching up over the view of Columbus Circle and Central Park means more to me than any gift you could buy. But without further ado: my Wish List. Now, last year, I told Darris that what I wanted for Christmas/the Jewish/winter holidays was a) a boyfriend and b) a pair of Hunter boots. I got 2 out of 2 – though not simultaneously. The Hunter Boots are still keeping my feet dry on those drizzly New York days. You can read more about them here.
This year, my Wish List is even shorter – and far less practical. This pair of Derek Lam cheetah-print faux hair slippers with tiny gold knot detailing are truly my outrageous heart’s desire. These, world peace, and a glass of montepulciano d’abruzzo and I’ll be the happiest clam in the pot.
Derek Lam
image via target.com

These slippers are part of the Neiman Marcus for Target line – a fantastic pairing for which 15 designers created a couple of items each. It’s not too late to order online, or at your local Target, for the fashionista/o in your life (or for yourself, as the case may be). Some pieces that caught my eye are the Altuzarra Double Old Fashion Glasses, and this Rag&Bone sweater. Check out the full list of available items here.

What’s on your Wish List this holiday season?

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