Rock and Vine

There is no shortage of things to do on any given night in New York City. One doesn’t have to be well-connected or even necessarily well-informed to stumble upon one of the many Banana Republic cocktail receptions or the like. No, finding ways to stay occupied is never challenge in this bustling city of ours. The challenge lies in choosing. I am always lamenting my inability to split myself in half or thirds in order to be in a few places at once. Last Thursday was no exception, as I found myself booked for several overlapping events. Fortunately, things have a way of working out. As luck would have it, the two main parties in my schedule (a book launch and a birthday) were only 2 blocks apart – phenomenally fantastic.

Crown jewel of the evening was the launch party for Rock and Vine, a lovely coffee table edition which highlights a few of the leading up-and-coming wineries – not the least of which is none other than Ben F., of The Bachelorette fame. Ben wasn’t present, but his wine label was and, personal disdain for reality television aside, it was of a delightfully agreeable palate.

Rock and Vine is the second title from Chelsea Print & Publishing – an independent publishing company that appropriately teamed up with Doc Hendley, and his Wine to Water initiative. Wine to Water is a charity that brings clean water to developing countries by providing local residents with the tools and education to build and sustain wells. He has some truly heart-wrenching stories of his work in Sudan, Cambodia, and other places around the world that hadn’t had sources of readily available, potable water.

You can read more about Wine to Water and its partnership with Rock and Vine here – and you can order a copy of the book there, as well.

Some photos of the evening:







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