Stolen Champagne

This week past I’ve been a bit MIA – my Twitter feed had gone essentially silent – but with very good reason, I assure you! I have very recently started a new job. It was an internal, albeit still upward, move, and so for the time being I am phasing out my old duties, and splitting my time between midtown east and the financial district. On top of all this, my big brother, James, came to visit this week, on Spring break from earning his Masters from Virginia Tech. What little activity my Twitter feed offered was me checking in on Foursquare at a few of the places we stopped in for drinks, or dinner, noting that New York was getting “Double Stolen Trouble” this week.

Ever the arbiter of style in the tiny town we grew up in, and always on the forefront of fashion and various trends, James always enjoys a trip to the big apple to visit his little brother. I was so caught up in catching up with him – I hadn’t seen him in a year, after all – and brunching with his grad school friends that I did not thoroughly document our outings. I did manage to capture one of the most important and, dare I say, memorable evenings of his trip, and possibly even this year. Gina, you see, had also made an internal and upward move in her career, and we had both planned to grab a fabulous glass of champagne to celebrate – so James and Jay tagged along to The Rose Club at the Plaza Hotel, and toasted to our newfound success.

Rose Club
Raspberry Cocktail
Naturally, being a hotel, the Rose Bar has a fair amount of out-of-town business – but tourist spot or no it still registers on Gina and my FabuloMeter (TM), so we made an evening of it. 2 rounds (and $200ish) later, the four of us were ready for a little nosh.

How do you follow drinks at the Plaza? With an $8 burger from Burger Joint, naturally. Tucked away inside Le Parker Meridien (another fairly fab hotel) on 57th street between 6th & 7th avenues, Burger Joint has been rated one of the top ten burgers in New York. Think of it as the New York equivalent of In-N-Out – limited menu, very affordable, and a dining room that is covered with signatures. Everyone from Madonna to li’l ‘ol me have scrawled their John Hancock on the wall while they waited for or consumed their made-to-order burger. Some New York fab with a touch of West Coast cool certainly makes for a lovely celebration.

Easy Menu
Burger Joint
caught in the act
Wall of Fame
X marks the spot
James flew back to the real world to finish up grad school on Sunday – hopefully it won’t be another year before he hits this town again!

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