Springtime in NY

If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you probably saw a number of rather cliche, tourist-y photos posted yesterday. B and her friend Caz were visiting last week, and as it was Caz’s first visit to New York, I had to jump in and play tour guide for at least part of her experience. As banal as it may seem to see the same sites over and over again, it is actually very refreshing to view New York through the eyes of one seeing it for the very first time. When Caz came in to Penn Station a week ago, she was beside herself with glee at the sight of a yellow taxi – Just like in the films! – and it brought back that giddy feeling I had when I first saw the Chrysler building on my first visit, almost 15 years ago. Also, showing a visitor around sometimes helps you stumble upon something new even to you! Who knew that 5 sections of the Berlin Wall were tucked away on E. 54th Street, between Park and Madison?

Sunday was an exceptionally bright and sunny Mother’s Day – and so we thought it the perfect day to stroll through Central Park and take in some of the quieter bits of the town. Bethesda Fountain, The Mall (I still maintain that I’m allergic to all malls but this one), the Boathouse, Sheep’s Meadow – just a few of the corners we explored that day. I love New York in the springtime.

The Mall

Bethesda Fountain

The Boathous

Conservatory Water

The Plaza Hotel


Rockefeller Center

Berlin Wall

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