Summer Friday Outfit v.2

I may be a city mouse now, but I will probably always be a country boy at heart – as is evidenced by the fact that when I heard the rain finally come pouring down last night, I slipped on my Havaianas, went downstairs and stood on the front stoop until I was thoroughly soaked. It was freezing! But super refreshing – my apartment is on the top floor of a 3-story house, and with a/c only in the bedrooms, it resembles a sauna much more than I would like.

The sun broke through this morning, though, and so I decided to take a chance and not wear my Hunter boots today – I got quite a few odd looks as I traipsed from the office to the bar with blue skies overhead yesterday afternoon. Not that I particularly care, but I pretty much don’t wear socks between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and Hunters aren’t quite as comfortable without.

My look for this Summer Friday:

White Oxfords: Kenneth Cole |Camel, Linen Shorts: Kenneth Cole | Plaid Shirt: H&M | Belt: Banana Republic
Briefcase: Kenneth Cole | Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole

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