Stolen Time – Staycation

Last week I took a few days off and had a little staycation. Traveling is fabulous, but sometimes it’s nice to stay home, relax, and really enjoy the places we live. Because of the holiday, my office was closed on Thursday and Friday (hence no Summer Friday Outfit post last week – I know, you missed it). Anyway, it was a wonderful mix of downtime and parties, from celebrating Pride to a celebrating a bride. Now I’m back in the office, with my nose full-tilt to the grindstone, but super refreshed from my relaxing week off. Here’s a little bit of what I got up to last week:

Pride Parade
Attended the Pride Parade – extra special and exuberant this year due to the demise of DOMA and Prop 8 the week prior.

Hopped the MetroNorth to Rye and spent a lovely evening with Donny at the country club watching fireworks explode practically in our laps.

Happy Fourth of July!
Sauntered over to Gina’s in Long Island City for a Rooftop BBQ. It was a full day of drinking, topped off with sparklers after the blazing sun went down. Too much fun!

Friday, I attended Barbara Ji’s wedding at the Westbury Manor on Long Island, where I got to catch up with Nat Osborn as well. Nat, lucky fella, attended two that day (the first, a stranger’s, by mistake – the second, Barb’s, on purpose). I can just imagine his face when he turned at the first notes of “Here Comes the Bride” and saw a total stranger walking down the aisle. Barbara’s was a lovely ceremony, followed by a fabulous reception. Congratulations B!

That was my week – how was your holiday weekend?

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