Stolen Shops

Happy Friday! Hooray, it’s Friday again! Unfortunately, it is also supposed to rain, so my outfit today is not Summer Friday Cute at all – it’s just my basic, black uniform. Black Jeans, black v-neck tee, Hunter Boots. In lieu of the usual Summer Friday Outfit, since the weather is being uncooperative, I thought I’d share with you my latest obsession: this gorgeous tote by Serapian.

Serapian Tote

Serapian Tote Detail

I happened upon this beauty whilst I was browsing at Barney’s last week. At $945 it’s a tad out of my price range, but the leather is supple, and the craftsmanship of the design is of the highest level. It would be perfect for a little post-brunch wandering in the West Village, or even a little picnic in Central Park – I can totally see me pulling a bottle of champagne out of this and plopping down in Sheep’s Meadow with a good book (or a cute boy), can’t you?

Serapian is a luxury leathered goods brand that began in the 1920s – one of those old Italian families. Serapian the First (Stefano, by name) started making bags with great care, paying close attention to detail. Naturally, word spread of his craftsmanship, and before long he and his partner (Gina Flori) had built a brand that was favored by the Milano elite. The company reigns have since been passed on to their son, Ardavast Serapian who has taken the brand to a global level – hence my stumbling across this masterpiece at Barney’s the other day. And they have much more! Check out the full collection on the Serapian website here.

So, yes I almost bought this, before I remembered I have to pay rent – but it’s still on my wishlist. My birthday is coming up soon, after all (almost as soon as Christmas *wink*).

What’s on your wishlist? Do you have any items that you aspire to?

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