Summer Brunch – Yotel

I have been accused, on more than one occasion, of being a brunch-a-holic. When such claims are thrown in my face, I try to counter it, calmly, with a question – what else does one do, on a Sunday summer afternoon in New York City between 11 & 4?

Next up in the Summer Brunch Series: Yotel. Spoiler Alert: Yotel is also a hotel (surprise)! So if you’re visiting New York for the first, fifth, or umpteenth time, you can stay here and know that brunch is just a short elevator ride away. Not bad, huh? I think my next apt will have a feature like this.


The brunch deal at Yotel is this: $40 (plus tax & tip, of course), as many tapas plates and as many mimosas or bloody marys you can stuff into that tone-for-summer tummy of yours. Stop blinking! You read right – all you can drink and eat. Sounds amazing, right? And it sort of is. We went for Jay’s birthday back in May, with a pretty large group, but I feel like Yotel, despite its spacious interior and sprawling terrace, is better for a more intimate brunch of four to six.

Yotel Brunch Menu
Spacious Interior
Sprawling Terrace

Here’s my thing: even if a venue makes it logistically possible to, I don’t necessarily need (or have the physical capacity) to eat everything on the menu. I’m ok with one meal, one dish – or if it is tapas, maybe three plates. Also, there is a very strictly enforced time limit on this special. Each party gets 90 minutes to scarf tapas and drink themselves into oblivion – but if your glass has run dry, with a party of 12, they are extremely hesitant to bring a new pitcher.
If I bring one more, are you sure you can drink it?
Please, girl, don’t insult us with that question.

Chic Decor
Sunny View

But the decor is very sleek and chic, and they have karaoke with a live band, so…there’s that.

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