Summer Friday Outfit v.4

I remember my first Summer in New York. I had moved into the city the fall prior, had made some new friends, and every weekend we planned to go to the beach. Every Saturday morning, like clockwork, we would rise and text each other at 7:30am Beach Day!!!…??? But almost every weekend we were thwarted by gloomy rainclouds and an overly precipitous forecast. I felt robbed. The rain this entire week/month/summer is What made me think of that, I’m not certain…

Summer Fridays are no fun when it’s pouring. I can’t wear my cute summer shoes, and I don’t feel like dressing in dry-clean only when the walk to work resembles a sauna. Here’s what I’ve been wearing, more often than not – it’s functional, monochrome (but for some reason people still stare when I walk down the street – what is that about?), but I still feel chic enough to get by. I do have to interview an intern candidate later, tho…good thing I keep an extra set of trousers/cuff links/tie at the office.

Rainy & Gray
Hunter Boots
Boots: Hunter |Black, Cutoff Jean Shorts: Levis | Black, V-Neck Tee: Kenneth Cole | Belt: Banana Republic
Briefcase: Kenneth Cole | Sunglasses: H & M| 2-Person Umbrella: Apt. 5

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2 Responses to Summer Friday Outfit v.4

  1. Eric says:

    The Dowager Countess – What are “Summer Fridays”?

    • StolenSays says:

      Ah, darling, I’m so glad you asked! Summer Fridays – various companies in New York City grant their employees a half day each Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Some give the option of having alternating Fridays off completely. Generally this means everyone works longer hours M-Th, but not always. In any case, Summer Fridays are a nice perk as it extends the weekend a bit, and gives us a little more time to enjoy the summer sun, little tho’ we’ve seen of it this season. As such, casual Fridays sometimes get taken a bit to extremes, but I try to have fun with it.
      Hope this helps!

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