Summer Friday Outfit v.6

Summer Fridays – those glorious half Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day (some have the option of having alternating Fridays off completely). It’s a nice New York perk as it extends the weekend a bit, and gives us a little more time to enjoy the summer sun. As such, casual Fridays sometimes get taken a bit to extremes, but I try to have fun with it.

Yesterday, New York saw rain of apocalyptic proportions (ok, maybe not really – but I certainly feared for the life of my patent leather loafers!). Today, it is sunny and breezy, so I’m adding a little flair to my outfit in celebration of having not been washed away in yesterday’s deluge. A bow-tie always makes me feel like a dandy! It puts a little extra bounce in my step (because I’m not bouncy enough) – plus I’m going for a rowboat ride in Central Park later. What goes better with rowboats than bow-ties and suspenders? Champagne, I suppose. There will be plenty of that, worry not.


Steven Tibaudo

Vintage Oxblood Oxfords: Dexter | Cutoff Jean Shorts: Kenneth Cole | Shirt: Calvin Klein
Suspenders: H&M | Bow-tie: (c/o) Steven Tibaudo
Briefcase: Kenneth Cole | Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole

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