Styled by Stolen – Yoshua

In New York City, fashion is in your face. It’s more than just on billboards, on the side of buses, in magazines – it’s walking down Park Avenue, strutting across Union Square. Storefronts, department and boutique alike, scream in a not-so-subtle attempt to let passersby know what they should be wearing tomorrow. There really is no escape, and it’s very easy to lose one’s sense of style in the face of all of this fashion. So, on occasion, when the choices between monkstrap versus wingtip, or stripes versus houndstooth become overwhelming, I am called upon.

Yoshua, first and foremost a friend, is a senior website developer for a major international advertising agency. He’s not your average graphic-tee & baggy jeans wearing tech geek by any means, but Yoshua still so kindly solicits my advice when choosing new pieces to add to his wardrobe. Looking to expand his summer wardrobe, Yoshua adeptly paired blue, cotton shorts from J.Lindeberg with a white, cotton polo from Club Monaco. It’s a great weekend look for him! Relaxed, classic – and very safe. We pushed his limits a little by rolling the legs up a wee bit (but not too much – it’s not a who-wears-short-shorts contest), and adding a button-up shirt from Hugo Boss. The subtle print of the shirt contrasts nicely with the solid coloring of the shorts, and rolling up the sleeves and legs adds a little extra flair. It’s all in the details.




Shorts: J.Lindeberg | Polo: Club Monaco | Button-Up: Hugo Boss
Joe Fresh | Belt: Banana Republic

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