Wednesday Wishlist

Fall is here. The leaves are rapidly changing – trust, before you know it the season’s first blizzard will be upon us and I’ll be lamenting my anxiety about who will be watching the island while I’m away for the holidays. In any case, with the winter holidays (and my birthday!) fast approaching, I thought there to be no better time to implement my Wednesday Wishlist.

Something to note, before you diagnose me with an extreme case of narcissism: gifts make me uncomfortable. Surprise gifts are the worst – I never feel like I’m sufficiently showing my gratitude or excitement unless I jump up and down, or scream and throw my hands across my face. So while I prefaced this with it being the gift-giving season on multiple accounts, items featured here are really things that I covet and either plan to, or dream of purchasing for myself (though in all honesty I wouldn’t say no if you showed up to my birthday party with one of them).

On this week’s Wednesday wishlist: the Calloway boot from Giorgio Brutini.


My god I love this boot. Crafted from kidskin, a leather sole, and a cuban heel that gives me just enough lift to enhance my posture and give me a little bounce to my step, it’s an absolute staple to my wardrobe. As I tweeted last week, this will be my Nov. 1 gift to myself. I’d wait until my birthday – seems a bit more appropriate – but my current pair has death on its heels. As in the structure may give out at any moment and unwittingly hurl me in front of a train.

That last is no jab at the craftmanship or quality of Giorgio Brutini’s products. I’ve had my current pair for about 2 years (possibly more) and I wear them multiple times each week. Considering the beating I put them through, I’m surprised they’ve held up this long. This is my go-to piece of footwear. For an event. For work. For brunch. Whenever I have a zillion things on my mind or am running late, I reach for my Calloway’s. Honestly, they’re a bit of a safety blanket. They make me feel like I can accomplish anything with style and grace.

Do you have a go-to piece of apparel that makes you automatically feel ready to take on the world?

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