Halloween Can Be Such a Drag…

Halloween fell on an awkward Thursday this year, which made for ten days or so of costume fun. I personally didn’t dress up, but my drag alter-ego, Juanita Soufflé was very keen to make an appearance. She’s a fun girl, who loves glamour and bling even more than I. Here she is in a poppy, Calvin Klein cocktail dress, with Ann Taylor, calf-hair, leopard print pumps, and jewelry designed by the girl herself. Hair and makeup were done by my recently former roomie, Bari Sofer, and most of these photos were taken by Darris Lee (as you can see him doing below. So yes, Juanita got dolled up, went out, and had so much fun that by the time she got home she was too exhausted and slept in her makeup!


Juanita Souffle



Costumes are so fun! They really give everyone a chance to assume a persona they might otherwise be hesitant to be in their day-to-day lives. Also, the creativity that is displayed at halloween always impresses me. This season I saw everything from Mikayla-Not-Impressed to Caligula.

What was *your* costume?

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