Wednesday Wishlist – Saint Laurent Destroyed Jeans

It never hurts to dream a little. Whenever I feel down, or oppressed by the city – yes, occasionally it does happen – I text Gina and we go to Bergdorf to surround ourselves with luxury, or Barney’s to look at the xo collections we can’t yet afford. Some might be further depressed by this, but for us, it provides inspiration.

On this week’s Wednesday wishlist: these destroyed jeans with chain detailing from Saint Laurent (image via Ssense).


These jeans are phenomenally out of my price range, and they go against my rule that rules out purchasing apparel that have been purposely distressed to give the appearance of being “vintage” or previously worn. Nothing baffles me more than paying $200 for a pair of jeans that already has holes in it. My favorite pair of jeans had holes in it – eventually, from lots of love and wear. They were so comfortable, and they fit me perfectly, and I wore them a bit past the point of being appropriate for public (I’m not particularly proud of that, but I’ve always had trouble letting go of things I love).

That being said, the silver-tone chains add an element of chic, glam, and an edge of punk that I’m inexplicably drawn to. Hedi Slimane is doing some wondrous things over there at the label formerly known as YSL – these jeans are one of them. This is one gift I wouldn’t mind being surprised with. My birthday is January 3rd.

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