On Re-inspiration

So Fall Fashion Week happened, in September 2013, and I attended some of the shows on behalf of John Simon Daily. And it was fun! A bit exhausting, but fun. And then I blinked, and I was flying home for Christmas, and traveling for work – I was out of New York for three weeks, the longest I’ve ever been away from the city since I moved here in 2008. As per usual, I had some trouble getting back, but eventually I made it, and when I did, threw myself into catching up both at work and in the social realm. Three weeks away left a lot to catch up on. Suddenly, before I knew it, February was here and John Simon was emailing me about Spring Fashion Week. Winter had firmly plunged me into its icy claws of Seasonal Affective Disorder, so I begrudgingly agreed to attend a few of the presentations at the Cadillac Men’s Day event – and boy, I’m glad I did. It’s amazing how I can find myself so caught up in the day to day of emails and eblasts and strategy meetings that I completely forget those things about which I am most passionate. This was a not-so-subtle reminder – Carlos Campos and Ernest Alexander saw to it that my fashion fire was rekindled. Dani-DK, with her steady flow of posts saw to it that I didn’t let this platform expire. There’ll be no living with me, now.

A few images that served as re-inspiration:
Carlos Campos FW 2014
David Hart F/W 2014
Ernest Alexander F/W 2014

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