Wednesday Wishlist – Fendi Business Bag

It never hurts to dream a little. Whenever I feel down, or oppressed by the city – yes, occasionally it does happen – I text Gina and we go to Bergdorf Goodman to surround ourselves with luxury, or Barney’s to look at the xo collections we can’t yet afford. Some might be further depressed by this Breakfast at Tiffany’s remedy, but for us, it provides inspiration.

On this week’s Wednesday Wishlist: this navy blue Functional Business Bag from Fendi. (image via
Fendi Business Bag

If you know me at all, you know that I am rarely without a bag. Usually it’s a toss-up between my Kenneth Cole briefcase (which I’ve had for 5 years now and I LOVE – it’s seriously like my baby) or my black nylon tote from work, which is versatile, unassuming, and multi-functional. That said, certain forces in my life are telling me that I need to upgrade, and it’s true. Much as I love the functional versatility of my tote bag, it is still a tote bag. My KC briefcase is several steps up – the issue is that it looks engorged with even one file over capacity. The answer? The navy blue Functional Business Bag from Fendi. Not cheap, but it would certainly be worth the investment, if I had an extra $2k lying around.

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