Wednesday Wishlist – Parke & Ronen Swimwear

It never hurts to dream a little. Whenever I feel down, or oppressed by the city – yes, occasionally it does happen – I text Gina and we go to Bergdorf Goodman to surround ourselves with luxury, or Barney’s to look at the xo collections we can’t yet afford. Some might be further depressed by this Breakfast at Tiffany’s remedy, but for us, it provides inspiration.

On this week’s Wednesday Wishlist: Ibiza Cross Resort Swim Brief


With the hope-instilling warm weather this past weekend (I was in Atlanta where it was SEVENTY DEGREES – but more on that later), my mind has fully turned toward summer and beach weather. Fifi’s bachelorette party is at the end of April, for which we’re going to Miami (we’re on a workout plan we’ve dubbed the “Miami Meltdown” which involves [insert boring workout details here]), so I’ve been poking around Barneys and looking at their swimwear selection. My boss did ask me if I really need a new piece of swimwear, as I bought a cute pair of Diesels last summer. The bigger question is, Ibiza Navy Red or Ibiza Royal White?

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