Stolen Brunches: Marketa

I have been accused, on more than one occasion, of being a brunch-a-holic. When such claims are thrown in my face, I try to counter it, calmly, with a question – what else does one do, on a Sunday afternoon in New York City between 11 & 4?

Sometimes you get into a rut. Work, happy hour, work, happy hour, brunch on the weekends, wake up Monday morning and do it all again. And because things get so busy, it’s easy to visit the same places over and over again – which makes it so refreshing to find a brand new hangout right under your nose, like Marketa, in Astoria on 30th Ave and 38th Street.

Marketa just opened, literally like three months ago! And look at the crowd they have for brunch already. My favorite on the menu: kale caesar salad, chicken or steak optional. It’s coated in freshly grated cheese, which takes a *little* bit of the health factor out of it, but adds so much tastiness. #Yum

Kale Caesar
Poached Eggs
Mimosas included
Brunch Crowd
Lemon Tree

Also, Happy St. Patty’s Day – avoid 5th Ave if you can! That parade is particularly crazy. Cheers.

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