Wednesday Wishlist – Steve Madden

It never hurts to dream a little. Whenever I feel down, or oppressed by the city – yes, occasionally it does happen – I text Gina and we go to Bergdorf Goodman to surround ourselves with luxury, or Barney’s to look at the xo collections we can’t yet afford. Some might be further depressed by this Breakfast at Tiffany’s remedy, but for us, it provides inspiration.

On this week’s Wednesday Wishlist: Leopard-print Churchil Slip-ons from Steve Madden


I used to hate animal prints. Obviously something changed, because I have those leopard print slippers designed by Derek Lam for Target a few years ago. The slip-on “smoking slipper” is the trendy footwear item of the season, and will likely be accompanying my feet as they make their way to a club in Miami for Fifi’s bachelorette party at the end of the month. This one from Steve Madden is available in a variety of colors – I couldn’t bring myself to do anything wilder than the standard leopard print (I still throw a little side-eye at zebra-print apparel). In any case, I’m really looking forward to leaving my socks at the hotel and stepping out in these in a few weeks!

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