Forgotten New York

So, New York. Let’s talk about it for a second, shall we? I know – something new and exciting, right? But it is! There is always something new and exciting happening, which is one of many reasons why I love love love New York. I’ve really enjoyed exploring it over the past 5 years (and change), and really *really* enjoyed sharing my explorations with you here.

Another reason I love New York is that amid all that is sparkling and new, there are so many older, hidden treasures. Everything has its day, and some things become lost, but it’s pretty amazing to stumble across a piece of the Berlin Wall in midtown, or a subway station that is well-preserved but no longer in use. The folks over at Marriott created a stylish map pinpointing some of these forgotten gems. Some of them I knew about, like Flushing Meadows, where the first World Fair was held, but I had never heard of Pomander Walk, tucked away in the middle of the Upper West Side! Maybe that means I’m not a true New Yorker – I am a country boy at heart, after all – but I’m making it a plan to check out some of these sites this Spring, and I highly encourage you to do the same! See the map below, or click here to take a closer look.


This Infographic was Powered by Marriott.

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2 Responses to Forgotten New York

  1. It’s so generous of you to share this. I’m tempted to share my own well-kept secrets, including a place I’ve gone many times to meditate on my lunch hour; alternately, the hotel where I’ve successfully napped on my lunch hour; the rooftop where my now-husband and I got frisky once; and many more that I’ve enjoyed in 20+ years of living here. Enjoy summer! Looking forward to more great posts! ~ Michelle

    • StolenSays says:

      I would love to read about your secret places! No pressure to share, of course – but that’s another thing about New York is that everyone has their own discoveries. Thanks for the comment! Hope you and the little ones are well. xox

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