New Shoes Are My Drug of Choice

Shoes. Man, do I have an obsession with shoes. I don’t know what it is – maybe the universality of an accessory that makes such a statement about a person. Nearly everyone needs them – not everyone needs a bag, or a hat, but it’s hard to go places without shoes. They’re often the first thing I notice about an outfit. I used to judge pretty harshly, but as I soften with old age I care less and less about what others put on their feet, and more about what goes on mine. A really good pair on a cute guy though, always catches my eye, and racks up bonus brownie points.

I’m rambling a bit. Long story short, I recently purchased these cap-toe shoes by Crosby Square, from Gilt. Quite the amazing find, if I do say so myself. I hadn’t previously heard of this label – they’ve been around since 1932, apparently – but I’m thoroughly impressed. The leather is supple and so so comfortable. The heels are properly tacked on with nails, the soles are leather, the color is versatile, the detailing subtle. They’re pretty much a dream.


Buying footwear online can be tricky. I much prefer going to a store where I can try them on, see them in the light of day, and inspect the quality of the materials and craftmanship. Online, all you have to go by is the photos, and the description. So. It was a rare gamble that I made, but I came out on top.

This pair generally retails for $250, but Gilt was offering them up for $100, so I bit.

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4 Responses to New Shoes Are My Drug of Choice

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