The Devil & Carnegie Hall

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Ok, ok – oldest joke in the book but I couldn’t resist. It’s been over a year since I sang with the Collegiate Chorale, but I’m back and loving it more than ever. We’re kicking off the season on Wednesday, November 6th at Carnegie Hall, with a performance of Arrigo Boito’s Mefistofele. Perfectly timed for just after the spookiest of holidays, this un-staged opera is all about selling your soul to the devil just to get the girl. Stuff of legends, I’m tellin’ ya.

Tickets are upward of $15 and can be purchased here.
Learn more about Boito’s Mefistofele and The Collegiate Chorale here.

In all seriousness, this rarely-performed piece will send chills down your spine and melt your heart. Lead by Maestro James Bagwell, and starring Eric Owens, Julianna Di Giacomo, and Arturo Chacón-Cruz, the Collegiate Chorale, American Symphony Orchestra, and Manhattan Girls Chorus brings you the classic story of Faust in a most haunting and powerful rendition.


Mefistofele Postcard

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Wednesday Wishlist

Fall is here. The leaves are rapidly changing – trust, before you know it the season’s first blizzard will be upon us and I’ll be lamenting my anxiety about who will be watching the island while I’m away for the holidays. In any case, with the winter holidays (and my birthday!) fast approaching, I thought there to be no better time to implement my Wednesday Wishlist.

Something to note, before you diagnose me with an extreme case of narcissism: gifts make me uncomfortable. Surprise gifts are the worst – I never feel like I’m sufficiently showing my gratitude or excitement unless I jump up and down, or scream and throw my hands across my face. So while I prefaced this with it being the gift-giving season on multiple accounts, items featured here are really things that I covet and either plan to, or dream of purchasing for myself (though in all honesty I wouldn’t say no if you showed up to my birthday party with one of them).

On this week’s Wednesday wishlist: the Calloway boot from Giorgio Brutini.


My god I love this boot. Crafted from kidskin, a leather sole, and a cuban heel that gives me just enough lift to enhance my posture and give me a little bounce to my step, it’s an absolute staple to my wardrobe. As I tweeted last week, this will be my Nov. 1 gift to myself. I’d wait until my birthday – seems a bit more appropriate – but my current pair has death on its heels. As in the structure may give out at any moment and unwittingly hurl me in front of a train.

That last is no jab at the craftmanship or quality of Giorgio Brutini’s products. I’ve had my current pair for about 2 years (possibly more) and I wear them multiple times each week. Considering the beating I put them through, I’m surprised they’ve held up this long. This is my go-to piece of footwear. For an event. For work. For brunch. Whenever I have a zillion things on my mind or am running late, I reach for my Calloway’s. Honestly, they’re a bit of a safety blanket. They make me feel like I can accomplish anything with style and grace.

Do you have a go-to piece of apparel that makes you automatically feel ready to take on the world?

Image courtesy of

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NewWave Caffe from Villeroy & Boch

What a weekend! What a weekend. No, really, this was one of those bizarre weekends that embodies everything New York is about. Friday night I popped up to Harlem to see Darris and Jan’s new digs. What was meant to be a quick stop-in for *one* cocktail ended in me hailing a 3am cab from No Parking. #Whoops. My early morning arrival home meant I ran late for brunch at Sugar Freak, but my friends were all forgiving – they know that I really do try! That night there was a birthday party, which saw me returning home in the wee hours again. It’s been awhile since I was out past midnight (yet another sign that I am rapidly growing old).

Sunday proved to be a little more calm. I woke fairly early to the morning light streaming in through my windows and felt the urge to be productive – but I needed coffee first. If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you have no doubt seen my early morning rants comparing tweeting before coffee to climbing Everest without oxygen. The folks over at Villeroy & Boch picked up on this, and last week sent over the NewWave Caffe mug, party plate, and teaspoon. I figured, with the lighting being so pleasant, and the cool fall temperatures, it was a most opportune time to christen the new mug. So I popped down to the Astor Bake Shop, picked up a coffee and a blueberry muffin, and sat down with my new mug and plate to do a little light blogging.

Light blogging
NewWave Caffe Mug
NewWave Caffe Party Plate

The limited edition NewWave Caffe Cities of the World line has been released in eight versions, each representing a major metropolis: New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, and Berlin (view the entire collection here). Naturally V&B sent me the New York set, covered in stylized New York iconography. The Empire State Building, the clock at Grand Central, an old New York City cab – the party plate even features a map of lower Manhattan drawn in taxi-cab yellow. It’s quite a great concept, putting two things I love so much into one experience and adding a little bit of luxury to an everyday routine. As the weather becomes more consistently cool, watch my instagram for this – it’s sure to be included in my morning chai ritual.

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Styled by Stolen – Yoshua

In New York City, fashion is in your face. It’s more than just on billboards, on the side of buses, in magazines – it’s walking down Park Avenue, strutting across Union Square. Storefronts, department and boutique alike, scream in a not-so-subtle attempt to let passersby know what they should be wearing tomorrow. There really is no escape, and it’s very easy to lose one’s sense of style in the face of all of this fashion. So, on occasion, when the choices between monkstrap versus wingtip, or stripes versus houndstooth become overwhelming, I am called upon.

Yoshua, first and foremost a friend, is a senior website developer for a major international advertising agency. He’s not your average graphic-tee & baggy jeans wearing tech geek by any means, but Yoshua still so kindly solicits my advice when choosing new pieces to add to his wardrobe. Looking to expand his summer wardrobe, Yoshua adeptly paired blue, cotton shorts from J.Lindeberg with a white, cotton polo from Club Monaco. It’s a great weekend look for him! Relaxed, classic – and very safe. We pushed his limits a little by rolling the legs up a wee bit (but not too much – it’s not a who-wears-short-shorts contest), and adding a button-up shirt from Hugo Boss. The subtle print of the shirt contrasts nicely with the solid coloring of the shorts, and rolling up the sleeves and legs adds a little extra flair. It’s all in the details.




Shorts: J.Lindeberg | Polo: Club Monaco | Button-Up: Hugo Boss
Joe Fresh | Belt: Banana Republic

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NYFW 2013

I kicked off New York Fashion Week at the Idol Magazine Issue 6 release party last Wednesday – it wraps up today, and I’m spending the final day at home, in bed, trying to nip a cold in the bud, and basking in the glow of all the last week’s fun. This was my first year attending the shows, representing John Simon Daily, and Haute Diary. What an experience – I was totally exhausted by the end of each day, but I kind of can’t wait to do it again. It’s such a privilege to see the spring collections first hand.

Shows I covered:

Some lasting impressions of fashion week include fashionistas lounging by the fountain, fashion bloggers posing and photographing each other, and the occasional idiot blocking my view of the shows with his iPad (no really, I basically watched the entire Noon by Noor show through it, I was livid). But I also met some very cool people, saw my favorite guys from Conde Nast (totally flipped out inside when I saw Michael Carl), and some of my favorite blogger buddies, like Alejandro, Mac, and Ryan.

Idol Mag Issue 6
Harajuku Girls at Idol Mag part
Lounging Fashionistas
Strike a Pose

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NYFW Feature: Steven Tibaudo

With New York Fashion Week officially under way (some of which I’m covering for John Simon Daily and Haute Diary – you can pop over there to see my reviews, or follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what madness I’m in the midst of), I think it’s only appropriate that I introduce to you a stylish, fashionable, up-and-coming designer, and new friend of mine: Steven Tibaudo. You may have seen his work – I included it as part of my summer Friday outfit, here.

The Steven Tibaudo collection is stylish, to be sure, but each style is imbued with a personality that speaks to a broad range of men. Each style is, after all, named after a man. Are these all of your ex-boyfriends,, Steven is often asked. If only his exes were so privileged! He clears up the misconception with a fun blog section of his website – a place of fantasy where he describes, through imagined happenstance, how he might have met Oscar, or Dustin, both men quirky and ambitious enough to have a style named after them.


All of Steven’s bow ties are pre-tied and sourced from fabric found in Manhattan’s Garment District – so they add some flair while being practical and supporting local business. Classy, fun, and a little flamboyant, the Steven Tibaudo line has something for everyone.

Like what you see? View (and buy!) the rest of the Steven Tibaudo collection over at

Happy Fashion Week! xox

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Summer Friday Outfit v.7

Summer Fridays – those glorious half Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day (some have the option of having alternating Fridays off completely). It’s a nice New York perk as it extends the weekend a bit, and gives us a little more time to enjoy the summer sun. As such, casual Fridays sometimes get taken a bit to extremes, but I try to have fun with it.

This is it, folks. I had hoped for better weather on the last Summer Friday – Fifi and I are heading to Central Park to send off the final week of the official summer season with some strawberries and champagne (and possibly a Pat LaFrieda Burger) this afternoon. I’m hoping the sun will make an appearance, else we’re likely to take our strawberries, champagne (and burgers) and huddle indoors somewhere, in more of a lamentation of summer’s end than a grand sendoff.

My outfit today is an homage to fall (who says I can’t move forward gracefully?) with one foot – or both, actually – lingering behind in summer.


Kenneth Cole White Distressed Oxfords
White, Distressed Oxfords: Kenneth Cole | Jeans: Zara | Tee-Shirt: Joe Fresh | Linen Blazer: H&M | Briefcase: Kenneth Cole | Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole

Also, this may be the last Summer Friday outfit post of the season, but worry not – there’s more to look forward to on Stolen Says. Next week, there’s a profile of an up-and-coming designer, as well as a little throwback to summer (is it too soon to do that?). Until then, I’m looking forward to a long holiday weekend, and hitting the ground running Tuesday morning – happy Labor Day, everyone!

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Summer Friday Outfit v.6

Summer Fridays – those glorious half Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day (some have the option of having alternating Fridays off completely). It’s a nice New York perk as it extends the weekend a bit, and gives us a little more time to enjoy the summer sun. As such, casual Fridays sometimes get taken a bit to extremes, but I try to have fun with it.

Yesterday, New York saw rain of apocalyptic proportions (ok, maybe not really – but I certainly feared for the life of my patent leather loafers!). Today, it is sunny and breezy, so I’m adding a little flair to my outfit in celebration of having not been washed away in yesterday’s deluge. A bow-tie always makes me feel like a dandy! It puts a little extra bounce in my step (because I’m not bouncy enough) – plus I’m going for a rowboat ride in Central Park later. What goes better with rowboats than bow-ties and suspenders? Champagne, I suppose. There will be plenty of that, worry not.


Steven Tibaudo

Vintage Oxblood Oxfords: Dexter | Cutoff Jean Shorts: Kenneth Cole | Shirt: Calvin Klein
Suspenders: H&M | Bow-tie: (c/o) Steven Tibaudo
Briefcase: Kenneth Cole | Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole

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The First 5 Years

I spent my 5 year anniversary of living in New York in the Jersey suburbs. An odd choice, I’ll agree. But as I sit here writing this over my Chinese delivery, I feel a bit of a New York cliché. Spending a summer weekend outside the muggy confines of Manhattan, returning to an empty fridge (hence the Chinese food), a looming To Do list, and the anticipation of an early rise to hit the ground running first thing Monday morning – all part of what has become my New York lifestyle. Coming from such a tiny town in Eastern Oregon, I try to appreciate the fast pace of the city, but considering I *am* from such a tiny town, I do need to escape sometimes. The suburbs of Jersey are still a far cry from my parent’s twenty acres, but it’s still a relaxing haven.

Still – 5 years later, I’m here running around like a madman trying to make it, trying to do it all. Honestly, as bone-tired as I am sometimes, I still love it.

It certainly hasn’t been easy. My life may look fabulous all the time from this vantage point – but isn’t all champagne and Chanel. A lot of it has been strung together, paycheck by paycheck, running on 6 hours of sleep each night to barely afford my 2 bedroom apt in Astoria. I’ve only had health insurance for the past 6 months – can you imagine? Four and a half years spent crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t get hit by a bus, or worse, a bike messenger.

And it can be lonely. My family is now all on the other side of the country, three thousand miles away. I don’t have a significant other to emotionally support me in times of desperation. I don’t even have a pet – cats and dogs are expensive, after all, and I’m not sure I could afford one even if I gave up brunching.

But I do have my friends. I’ve swapped smiles with Anna Wintour, and exchanged emails with Glenn O’Brien, but more to me than these fame encounters are the incredibly brilliant, warm-hearted, uplifting and inspiring friends I have made. They have become my family, my immediate source of support and camaraderie. Fame is fleeting – and so are some friendships, but if the memories we make are all we leave behind, then I already have enough in my arsenal to fill a lifetime.

So. Is it all worth it? I can’t answer that yet – but I have a feeling that the best is still to come. Here’s to the next 5 years.

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Summer Friday Outfit v. 5

Summer Fridays – those glorious half Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day (some have the option of having alternating Fridays off completely). It’s a nice New York perk as it extends the weekend a bit, and gives us a little more time to enjoy the summer sun. As such, casual Fridays sometimes get taken a bit to extremes, but I try to have fun with it.

I’m keeping it (cutoff) short(s) and sweet this week. I heard the most deplorable of four-letter words far too often this week (if you’re wondering, it begins with “F” and rhymes with “all”). In defiance, I’m rocking my cut-off denim shorts, patent leather loafers, and stripes. Cheers.

Summertime sadness
Patent Leather Loafers
Patent Leather Loafers: Kenneth Cole |Black, Cutoff Jean Shorts: Levis | Shirt: John Henry | Belt: Banana Republic
Briefcase: Kenneth Cole | Sunglasses: H & M

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