Shout Outs

Very few programs, works of art or literature, or establishments are built by one person alone. While the content of Stolen Says is produced in large part by John Stolen (me), I certainly rely on the following entities for guidance, assistance, and general feedback to keep Stolen Says consistent and relevant:

Editorial Advisor: AM – an editor for one of the world’s leading publishing firms, a runner, and the founder of This Runner’s World.

PR Consult: Fifi – fabulous friend, chef, and whiz pr executive for a top-tier firm.

Editorial Inspiration: Those who accompany me on my forays into the various areas of New York will never be forgotten here. Some of the fantastic key players who inspire me with suggestions, stories, and their own unique take on our glittering city are:
•Fifi & Himay

You may have seen some of them mentioned already on Stolen Says, or in the past columns on Cubicle Chic. Get to know them – you’ll be reading about them quite often. Of course, I use initials or nicknames where appropriate – to protect the innocent, as it were.

Last but NOT Least: YOU! My readers, my fans, my sources of relevancy. It’s like that proverbial tree that falls in the forest without making a sound – if a blog doesn’t have an audience, is it really a blog? Stolen Says couldn’t keep going without you. Thanks for keeping it real.


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