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Coming Soon: OXHeart Letter Red Event

If you’ve nothing planned tonight — and why would you, it’s only Friday — you should come to this! I know, it’s in Brooklyn, but if *I* can make the trek, so can you. And I’m sure it will be … Continue reading

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Tribeca Grand

So. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I sure did! I managed to take Saturday off from, well, life, basically to catch up on my sleep and rest. In the city that never sleeps (as I’ve said before), … Continue reading

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Caliente Cab Co.

Oof. The beginning of a new week can sometimes be daunting. As you’re looking over your schedule for the week, the meetings, the bi-annual teeth cleanings, interviews, and annual reviews let’s pause for a moment and remember with fondness, last … Continue reading

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Trestle on Tenth

First of all, let me just say Happy Friday! I won’t break into Rebecca Black — but she is bouncing around my head, it’s true (damn her). On to more important things. Brunch. Boozy brunch, Sunday Funday brunch, brunkybrunk brunch … Continue reading

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