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New Shoes Are My Drug of Choice

Shoes. Man, do I have an obsession with shoes. I don’t know what it is – maybe the universality of an accessory that makes such a statement about a person. Nearly everyone needs them – not everyone needs a bag, … Continue reading

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Stealing Vintage

Something to note about me: I’m the youngest of 4, my eldest sister and I being separated by 18 years. The perks, for my sisters, was having live “dolls” (if you will) to dress up and pose and take fun … Continue reading

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Alexandre + Robert

Breaking up is hard to do. Whether you’re the one breaking it off or the one getting broken up with — it’s not an easy thing for either party. This is on my mind because it happened to me a … Continue reading

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Cheap Jack’s Vintage Clothing

When D and I decided to make bow-ties a part of the mandatory dress code for our dinner party, we didn’t (or at least, I didn’t) expect the absence of bow-ties in our prospective guests’ wardrobes to be so prevalent. … Continue reading

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